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The SOD Foundation is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization
Lloyd (Ludd) Lentz III was a vital force in
the Guthrie community. His dedication to
his hometown and to the preservation of
Guthrie's place in the history of Oklahoma
is unmatched.

Please honor his memory with a donation
to the memorial garden at Guthrie's State
Capital Publishing Museum in memory of
Ludd Lentz III,
Celebrating the saving of the Depot,
Feb 18, 1999, The SOD Foundation
membership poses beside the first
SOD foundation "Save", The Rock
Island Depot at 410 South Division.
Founded in 1999, the SOD Foundation
assumes a vital role in protecting and
maintaining the Historic District of
Oklahoma's First Capital, Guthrie.

Having been designated as the Capital
of the Oklahoma Territory and the State
of Oklahoma, many beautiful buildings
and homes were located here to house
the government and its employees.
Due to the Oklahoma government's
move to Oklahoma City in 1910,
Guthrie was more or less abandoned.

Fortunately, many of the foundational
buildings both commercial and
residential have remained in this small
town, and it is due to entities like the
SOD Foundation that the buildings
were able to be saved.

Carol Hirzel, Joe Coffin and the late
Ludd Lentz, all natives of Guthrie and
students of history, had the foresight to
realize the value of restoration of the
homes and commercial buildings that
made Guthrie unique among cities in
the heartland.

Their first project was to ensure the
integrity of the old Rock Island Depot
by preventing its demolition to make
way for a Sonic fast food restaurant.
They convinced the Sonic Corporation
to build elsewhere and to contribute to
the restoration of the depot. With that,
"Save Our Depot" was born and gave
name and purpose to the SOD.

Today, SOD is still in search of
appropriate buildings in the district to
rehabilitate for current use. Donations to
the SOD Foundation are welcomed and
will be used to further the mission of the

Our site highlights some of the projects
of the SOD Foundation and we encourage
interested parties to visit Guthrie and
enjoy the town and the efforts of SOD.